Home Energy Advisor

Providing energy advisory services, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, improving thermal comfort. 

Would you like lower energy bills? Or a smaller carbon footprint?

Are you unsure about the actions you can take to improve your home’s thermal comfort, energy costs or CO2 footprint?

Home Energy Advisor Sebastian Crangle supports households to create comfortable, low energy homes, without sacrificing comfort or necessarily buying expensive technologies. He can provide you with tailored  solutions for your home, minimising upfront costs and maximising energy savings.


Seb is an experienced home energy assessor and advisor, accredited with the Residential Efficiency Scorecard program.



Through his range of services, he can help you to achieve:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Low (or no) net carbon emissions
  • Improved temperature comfort year-round
  • Efficient electrification of home appliances (heating, cooling, hot water, cooking)
  • Optimisation of solar PV and batteries.
This website contains a wealth of resources to support households to achieve these goals in their own home, including the option to engage Home Energy Advisor Seb Crangle to support you on your energy-saving journey.
Supporting households to improve thermal performance and create energy efficient homes
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