Home Energy Services

I provide a very broad range of services, all with the goal of supporting households to create energy efficient, thermally comfortable, low carbon homes.  See below for information on each service, including indicative pricing. 

Home Consultations

Supporting households to improve thermal performance and create energy efficient homes

A Home Consultation includes an evaluation of your home, with recommendations on opportunities to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, and answering any questions you have. 

  This service can include:

 Energy bill analysis

  • Daily energy profile analysis (if Smart meter interval data available)
  • Home visit, including consultation with householders on goals and energy use behaviours, review of main appliances.
  • Discussion of options to reduce consumption (technological / behavioural), advice on adding solar if applicable.

The cost is $210 for a 2.5 hour consultation, including energy bill analysis, travel and home visit. Then $30 per half an hour thereafter.

Optional: written report with results and recommendations.

For a more detailed home assessment, you may want a Residential Efficiency Scorecard, see below. 


Scorecard Assessments

scorecard logo

A detailed home assessment using the National Scorecard tool. You will receive tailored recommendations on how to improve your home’s energy use along with a nationally recognised certificate & energy star rating for your property.

For more information about Scorecard Assessment, see my dedicated Scorecard webpage.


Travel time: for return trips of more than 50 mins I charge an extra $30/ hour of travel (from Ocean Shores NSW). 


Cost by house size:


1 Bedroom: $290
2 Bedroom: $340
3 Bedroom: $370
4 Bedroom: $400
5 Bedroom+: $430



Scorecard certificate example

Remote Consultation

An energy consultation by phone or video conference, including:

  • preliminary energy bill analysis, including Smart meter interval data analysis if available.
  • Consultation with householders re energy goals, current energy uses
  • Providing advice and recommendations to best meet energy goals, including low-cost options if required, and a mix of technological and behavioral solutions.
  • Identifying causes of high energy bills, if applicable.


Cost: $65 per hour.

Prelim bill analysis likely 45 mins, phone consult can be anything from 30 mins, depending on needs.

telephone consult

Draught Proofing

Improve the thermal performance of your home by removing/ reducing the draughts in your home. I will assess the causes of draughts in your property and apply the best product to suit each door, window, gap as applicable.


The price varies depending on the cost of the draught-proofing materials, and my labour time, at $65/hr. Labour includes the time to assess your house (if required) and install the materials. If you need the assessment part that will likely take around 30 mins.

draught proofing

Solar Panel Cleaning

I also clean solar panels!


If you live in Northern Rivers NSW and have a solar system that needs cleaning, I’d be happy to give you a quote. I am insured (including public liability) and my other work on solar installations has given me the various safety equipment and certificates to do this work. I have cleaned 1000’s of panels in the last couple of years, including domestic and commercial jobs. My prices are low compared to other panel cleaning services.


For a quote: just message me the number of panels, your suburb and whether the building is one or more storeys high.


Solar Assessment & Brokering

Take the overwhelm out of getting solar on your home.
Get an independent appraisal of your home’s suitability for solar PV, how much you need, and where to get it.
Recommendations on solar installers and equipment.
Quote comparisons and expert advice.


Cost: from $65 ($33 / 30 mins)


Energy Bill Analysis &
Provider Brokering

Sustainable home

Not sure if you’re paying too much? Or if your energy company meets your criteria for sustainability?
I provide a service where I compare how much you would pay with various energy retailers and plans,
based on your actual energy consumption. I then apply your criteria to recommend your top picks for cost and sustainability.


Cost: from $35 for a basic appraisal. $65 / hr for more detailed analysis.