To give you ideas and grow your knowledge, here’s a collection of resources I’ve put together on energy efficiency topics, including blog articles and ebooks, webinar recordings, checklists, and downloads.

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Blog Articles


The Impact of WHEN we Consume Energy

Most people don’t want to think about when they use energy, yet I want to show you some of the advantages of scheduling and moderating your use (especially high-level use), whether you do it actively and consciously, or automatically via technology.

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Why ENERGY Matters

Saving the planet one kWh at a time I’ve been reflecting lately on why, in my efforts to contribute to ‘saving the planet’, I have devoted my working-life to saving

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Summer is Coming

For those of us who don’t live in homes designed from the outset for energy efficiency, there are actions we can take to prevent them from: A.) becoming uncomfortably hot

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The role of carbon-offsetting?

One of the speakers at last week’s Sustainable House Expo by Tweed Shire Council was Catherine Patterson from Carbon Positive Australia. She spoke about how households can mitigate their carbon footprint by purchasing

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Webinars and Interviews

Maximise the value of solar PV.  

A video presentation delivered for Enova Community Energy.

How to lower your energy bills and carbon footprint. 

A webinar presentation for the Sustainable Living Expo, Tweed Shire Council. 

Building Back Better

An interview on ABC North Coast on building and retrofitting more energy efficient home.

Resource Downloads

Here are some great E-books, tip sheets and checklists available for you to download. They were written by Seb and produced by Enova Community Energy.


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